beautiful disaster
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out of every girl out there why did you choose to hurt me ? why did you come into my life ? did you think it would be funny to screw around with my feelings ? did you do it because I was the sweetest girl to you ? because I gave you my all ? or was it because you knew I was loyal , caring & one of the most honest people out there ? I mean I didn’t talk to any guys except for you . you’re the second guy that I’ve dated & thought it was something true , I never lied to you . I cared so much about you . I guess maybe that’s why you did this to me a second time .
why couldn’t you of done this to someone else ? why did you come back again & tell me that you were sorry , why did you tell me that you regretted all the times you made me cry or upset .
honestly , what’s the point in making all those facebook statuses that you make about how you should treat a girl ? i mean its definitely a great way to get girls ; must suck once they meet you & see that you’re not even close to what you say you are . or maybe not cause you dont care .I don’t understand you . I hope all those other girls make you happy & care about you as much as I did . & knowing you ; you won’t even reply to this because you’re ” too cool ” .but remember this , I hate you SO fucking much .

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